1  The football details

1 Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football with Pump and Tee, Brown

Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football with Pump and Tee, Brown

1.1 Description

  • NFL MVP Junior Football with pump and tee
  • Soft sponge rubber cover
  • Soft waterproof sponge rubber cover for play anywhere
  • Includes pump and football tee

1.2 The best review

I bought this football and pump to play with my daughter after she asked me to show her how to play.

So far it has been perfect for tossing around the yard, kicking free or off the tee. I haven’t used the pump yet, and I own a bigger pump for bicycles etc. so likely won’t use it except in an emergency. If you don’t already have a pump of some kind, check out some of the other reviewers for their opinions on the pump.

Ball seems well made, came inflated, and is a great middle step in between the very tiny novelty footballs and a full size one which wouldn’t work for kids.

2 Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

2.1 Description

  • Bring the Big Game to the Backyard
  • Official size, recommended for players 14+
  • Tacky PVC material for enhanced grip
  • Synthetic cover, ready for play
  • Multi-layered lining for consistent shape and durability

2.2 The best review

There’s a reason why this was the top selling football in its price range (at least at the time I ordered it). I’ve used and owned many footballs in my life, and this is definitely one of the better ones. I have never played at a high level so I can’t speak to what kind of balls are used in colleges (I know there is a huge difference in soccer balls), but these are definitely good for kicking, catching, throwing, etc.
Also, luckily this is such a good value, because I blasted a career long 40 yard field goal into the woods and lost this not long after buying it- because it was so affordable, I am surely going to be buying a second one

3 Wilson NFL MVP Football

Wilson NFL MVP Football 

3.1 Description

  • Tackified for a surer grip with a multi-layered lining for better shape and durability
  • Butyl rubber bladder for advanced Air Retention
  • Wilson and NFL logo on football

32 The best review

 If you are looking for a real deal, officially sized football to toss around with your older son or friends than this is the one for you. Before you start tossing the ole pig skin around tho be sure to weather it first.
I have some fine dirt behind my house that I just rubbed into it real good to get rid of that slick, new, hard to handle, slippery feel on the ball. Once you do that, it’s nice to grip and keep a hold of it while dodging Fred that’s trying to blitz you because Hank and John suck at blocking!!

4 Wilson NCAA Composite Football

Wilson NCAA Composite Football

4.1 Description

  • NCAA branded composite cover
  • Same pattern as composite game balls
  • Double laces
  • Official NCAA size

4.2 The best review

My 12 year old needed a new football after his was lost at a friend’s house. I let him choose which one he wanted and he picked this one. He has played with it many times and really likes it. It has held up very well.
Most of his others have deflated quickly or didn’t grip well but this one hasn’t deflated and has a very nice grip. When properly inflated it has a nice weight to it too. He is of average size for his age and says this ball is the perfect size and weight for him.

5 Wilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football with Pump & Tee

 Wilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football with Pump and Tee

5.1 Description

  • Junior Size
  • Recommended for players 9 years and older
  • Includes football, pump, and tee

5.2 The best review

This is a quality ball. Although not leather, its also not the cheap plastic that can really hurt when thrown. Its regulation size for divisions up through age 12, and also the size required for the NFL annual Punt, Pass, Kick contest through age 15, so it really makes for a great ball for youth league players as well as those just out to toss it around in the backyard.
Overall, this is a high-quality ball for the money, and includes a beginner kicking tee, which is a nice added bonus.

6 NFL Game Time Football

NFL Game Time Football

6.1 Description

  • Regulation-size playable football
  • Designed with team logo and name
  • Brown pebbled material for ease in throwing and catching
  • Black display stand kicking tee included

6.2 The best review

Perfect gift for a team fan. Great replica ball. Key product features include:

Regulation size playable football
• Designed with team logo and word mark
• Brown pebble material for ease in throwing and catching
• Packaged With Black Kicking Tee

7 Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football

Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football

7.1 Description

  • Designed to mimic the Official NFL “The Duke” Game Ball, this ball features the same look with high durability
  • Official size and weight
  • Deeper pebbles and firmer texture for 174% more grip

7.2 The best review

I bought this football for my 10 year-old son. I searched the web and this was the best deal and it shipped quickly. It is perfect size and great quality. He loves the logo on the side and takes it everywhere he goes.
This ball has good grip and we use it for our family football games. You can’t go wrong with this ball.

8 NCAA Game Time College-Size Football

NCAA Game Time College-Size Football

8.1 Description

  • Perfect for tossing around a tailgate while showing off your team colors
  • Team logo displayed on front and school name on back
  • Display stand kicking tee included

8.2 The best review

This ball is a great football! It’s big as the NFL game ball. Part of it is real leather too. If you’re in high school or middle school and you have a big dream to make it to the NFL, you should probably get this ball because if you get a good feel for it, you could make the NFL. Another reason i like this football is because i’m a Ducks fan and it comes with a tee, you can even display the football on the tee or use the tee as a kicking tee.
I recommend you don’t use the tee for kicking, cause unless you’re like an NFL kicker, when you kick the ball it doesn’t go that high. So i’m saying it could be the best football you ever used. If you’re a Ducks fan, that’s a bonus, and at first if the ball is too big for you, just throw it around in your hands.

9 Wilson The Duke Official NFL Game Football

Wilson The Duke Official NFL Game Football

9.1 Description

  • Wilson exclusive WE Leather cover material and composite Double Laces
  • Made in USA
  • Official size and weight NFL game ball
  • Official game ball of the National Football League
  • Deep pebbles and firm texture and enhanced gripability
  • Features NFL Commissioner’s Roger Goodell signature stamp
  • Leather cover, 3-ply VPU bladder, and double lacing for reinforcement
  • Dedicated to football legend Wellington “Duke” Mara

9.2 The best review

I have bought 2 of these, about a year apart. They are leather and although I’ve never actually played NFL football, they do appear to be the exact game balls used in NFL games. One should realize, however, that when you receive the ball you purchase, it will not be broken in and game ready. In other words, Tom Brady would not want to use it during an AFC Championship against the Colts. Balls actually used for play are well broken in, shiny, tacky to the touch with great grip, and often much darker than the brand new ball you buy.

Your new ball will be light in color, slippery, and covered with a red dye that will bleed if the ball gets wet. A little light wipe down with a wet cloth and maybe even some saddle soap will help remove the dye. Once your ball is dry, I suggest regulary rubbing it with a shoe polish brush (or Wilson’s proprietary brush if you believe them) to bring it to a shine and give it that tacky feel like the pros expect. My 1 year old ball is much darker than my new ball and I believe it may simply be darkening with time, as I have followed the same break-in procedures for both. See pictures below. The first picture is before and after of the SAME BALL, broken-in (top) and untouched (bottom).

The second picture is my 1 year old ball (left) next to my new, untouched ball (right). And the brush pictured is what you can use to dry rub the ball to bring its tacky feel back. Ultimately, the ball is the real deal, and that alone makes it awesome, but it also feels and plays like a great ball as long as you realize how to make it so.


10 Wilson Team Sports WTF1845 NFL Ultimate Composite Official Size Football

Wilson Team Sports WTF1845 NFL Ultimate Composite Official Size Football

10.1 Description

  • Wilson Team Sports
  • WTF1845
  • NEW
  • 1.5

10.2 The best review

Before use, make sure the ball is properly inflated and not over inflated. Wipe the football down with a damp towel to remove the slick newness of the ball. Then you will recognize the quality tackiness of this composite leather.

I thought this football (if good) would get 4 stars because it has black laces. After receiving it and using it, I think the black laces look better on this ball because of it’s shade/color. It’s extremely nice looking, and after getting used to it with about 100 passes throwing an even spiral became easier. It’s flight characteristics are excellent. It flies at a consistent rate of speed (depending on your throw of course) and with a very good toss you’ll imagine NFL films highlights of Joe Montana spiraling touchdowns to Jerry Rice…

Would I prefer a ball with white laces that looks more like “The Duke”, like the Wilson NFL Replica composite version? In terms of aesthetics, yes probably, but not for double the cost. This ball looks great, feels great to catch, easy to grip, kicks well, it is certainly game-worthy. If this ball is used on asphalt/pavement surfaces frequently, it will take a beating. I think it will be durable, but much happier and will live longer if only used on grass.

I prefer and recommend Wilson footballs. For footballs, they are king. I do not recommend composite Nike Footballs. I’ve owned and used several Nike footballs, leather and composite. Their basketballs can be nice, but their footballs are not. Like most Nike products, it looks nice, it says something like “spiral tech” to make you think it will make you look great, but they don’t seem to be crafted with the same Wilson feel and precision. I have not found any Nike composite football that is game-worthy. The Nike Official Leather NCAA balls are okay, but in my opinion not as good as the Wilson Official Leather NCAA footballs.

The Ultimate Composite F1845 Official Size Football is made in china, and I’m not sure but I think most, if not all composite footballs that Wilson makes is produced in China now. Only the Wilson official leather game balls, as far as I know, are made in the USA. The ball I purchased came in it’s box and was in perfectly new condition. Upon inspecting the ball, I worried about it’s symmetry because it appeared that it could be slightly mis-shapen at one point, slightly but it concerned me. After several hundred throws I can’t blame any of my wabbling ducks on lack of symmetry in the ball. Even though it appeared slightly imperfect, it has turned out to be great fun and a very high quality football, definitely the best composite ball of any kind that I’ve owned. It lives up to it’s name. If you can get this ball for around $20, it’s well worth it.


2 The football list

Produce Price


1 Wilson NFL MVP Junior Football with Pump and Tee, Brown $24.99


2 Wilson NFL Super Grip Football $14.97 – $37.00  ★★★★☆
3 Wilson NFL MVP Football $9.71 – $75.12 ★★★★☆
4 Wilson NCAA Composite Football $18.07 – $41.77 ★★★★☆
5 Wilson NCAA Supreme Junior Football with Pump & Tee


6 NFL Game Time Football


7 Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football


8 NCAA Game Time College-Size Football $30.00


9 Wilson The Duke Official NFL Game Football


10 Wilson Team Sports WTF1845 NFL Ultimate Composite Official Size Football $14.87 – $158.48 ★★★★☆